The only AR platform you will ever need


Arilyn App

The Arilyn App is your gateway to the world of Augmented Reality - and it's totally free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.  There is no registration necessary and using the app is easy: simply open the app, scan any Arilyn-enabled image and that's it.  Spice up your reality with Arilyn!


Arilyn Manager

The only AR platform you will ever need. The Arilyn Manager is an online service for B2B customers and is made available by licensing. We provide an effortless environment for the creation of AR content.  Invite your team to collaborate with you to build your Augmented Reality dream.

Arilyn's customers need not worry about what emerging AR technologies to use - or what best suits your particular project.  We do the hard work for you.  Our pride and joy is in integrating world-leading AR technologies like Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore - so you don't have to.  So, if you are inspired to step into the world of AR, we have the right tools for the job. And our promise to you is: we'll keep adding more.



Arilyn Manager provides you with a versatile set of tools, allowing you to create dynamic AR campaigns that appeal to your target audience. With Arilyn Manager's browser-based platform, you can seamlessly create and adjust your campaigns at a moment's notice.  We put all the possibilities of the augmented world, right at your fingertips.


When you launch a campaign with Arilyn Manager, you're still in full control.  Even with your campaign in full swing, managing and updating its content has never been easier. All features of your campaign remain available to revise, correct and improve throughout its lifetime - make changes and see it evolve into something even greater!


Once your campaign is up and running, Arilyn Manager will help you easily track its progress through analytics. Check when and where your campaign has been viewed and manage its success by pinpointing and adjusting it to fit your customers. We provide you the insights to maximise the potential of your AR experience. 



Bitten by the AR bug?


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