Privacy Policy


This document describes what personal data we collect about the users of the Arilyn mobile application and the Arilyn Manager service or other types of personal data related to our business and how this data may be used by our company.


Company name: Arilyn (Robust North Oy)
VAT-ID: 2557311-2
Address: Kalevankatu 14 C 10, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
Registry contact person: Emmi Jouslehto, CEO ( or +358 44 971 9919)


The Arilyn application is free to download from AppStore and Google Play without registration.
We do not collect any personal information like your name, age, gender or contact information. However we a store the identifying information of the device (mobile phone or tablet) you are using to enable you to experience AR campaigns where the content changes depending on your viewing habits. The unique device identifier can not be linked to any individual person or the device owner in any way. Once you delete the app from your device this unique device information may continue to be stored in our servers in case you return to using the application.
When downloading the Arilyn application for the first time, and after each update, the app will ask your permission to use camera, location information and to access the photo and video gallery. Without the permission to use the camera the application will not work. Without the access to location information only campaigns using location information are disabled. Without the access to photo and video gallery you are not able to store any pictures or videos taken with the app nor are you able to add your own AR content.


Arilyn Manager is a software service available only for companies and other organizations for a license fee. The personal and company level information stored in Arilyn Manager are:

  • Company name
  • Individual user's first name and last name
  • Individual user's email address.

All above information is removed when the account is deleted. Users can also any time delete themselves from the user list. However deleting the user also prevents the access to Arilyn Manager. All content data (images, videos, 3D models, 360 panoramas, audio files etc.) user has uploaded to Arilyn Manager can also be deleted any time by the user. We can share personal data of Arilyn Manager users to restricted other parties - this in practice means the following:

  • We use marketing and sales tools. We store information that is directly given to us by the user or entered into our tools manually during the sales process. This information can be used to inform user about important service changes and updates, but also as a mailing list for content updates, corporate newsletters, and other marketing messages, such as occational discounts and events.
  • We use a CRM tool to manage customer acquisition and customer relations, where we save a minimal amount of information needed for client relations, including: name, contact details and customer relationship related activities such as meetings and other activities.
  • You can unsubscribe from the newsletter and when doing so your contact information will be removed from the newsletter mailing list but it will stay in the Arilyn Manager user mailing list and in our CRM tool as long as you have access to the service.


In addition to the user data, we may store information extracted from the media and/or public databases providing user's business information. We store the minimum amount of information that is practical regarding a customer relationship, typically including only a company name, public company details and contact information such as email and website addresses and phone numbers.