Arilyn Features highlights

Example videos to showcase some of the possibilities of Arilyn® AR Suite.
This is only a small fraction of the full features.
Please contact us for more comprehensive demonstration.


Native ARCore & ARKit support

Arilyn supports & fully utilizes the high-tech AR technologies used in modern smartphones.

ARCore is Android’s AR framework, while ARKit is the same thing for Apple’s iOS. These frameworks allow more immersive, realistic AR experiences. Advanced motion tracking allow devices to better understand their relationship to the environment. Devices can also estimate the size and position of things for a more realistic feel in any environment.


Interactive AR

Interactivity is a powerful way to increase consumer engagement in AR experiences. Changing content, gamification and a chance to have an effect on the storyline attract the very human nature and tempt visitors to come back for more.


Cylinder AR content

Wrap video and 3D content around complex forms. Excellent method for adding a storified digital layer to packaging.


AR Gate

Our very own branded AR environment. Create immersive AR worlds to tell your story with high impact and memorability. Showcase another world that can be placed anywhere.


Colouring AR

Create personalized animated colouring pages for your smallest clients. Great for colouring books, takeaway brochures and restaurant menus. Bring your mascot to life!