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Tove Jansson & HAM

Helsinki Art Museum augments Tove Jansson’s frescos, taking them to a new level.


WORK OF ART: Tove Jansson’s Party in the City 1947 and Party in the Countryside 1947

MUSEUM: Helsinki Art Museum HAM


Tove Jansson's works are among the most cherished pieces in the HAM collection. The two breathtaking frescoes that formed part of this experience are each over five meters wide and two meters tall. Arilyn helped to enhance these classic pieces of art by bringing fashion journalist Sami Sykkö, and nature journalist Minna Pyykkö to explore the frescoes and ponder the feelings, moods and inspirations on show within them. With seamless interactions, available in multiple languages, museum visitors were able to understand a little more about Tove Jansson's iconic works.

Bringing different points of view, and in-place commentary, to art installations is a huge opportunity for Augmented Reality. Sami Sykkö analysed the decade of "Party in the City" in terms of its dress, and fashion stylings; whilst Minna Pyykkö explored the artist's history and personality, as displayed in "Party in the Countryside".

HAM and the journalists created the scripts, Arilyn and HAM filmed the videos in-place at the museum (to ensure a one-to-one relationship with the artwork), and Arilyn did the post-production and publishing work.