Helsingin Sanomat

An augmented reality infographic, stationed in an art exhibition, highlighting refugee statistics from around the world.

BRAND: Helsingin Sanomat & Kiasma
PRODUCTION: Helsingin Sanomat & Arilyn

What happens after a devastating turning point in life? Can evil be forgiven? Finnish photographer Meeri Koutaniemi and Finnish producer Arman Alizad exhibited a series of documentary photos giving people an insight into sufferings around the world. Meeri Koutaniemi’s photographs and installations depicted the violence directed against women in India and Kenya, as well as refugees in Thailand and other parts of the world.

Arilyn teamed up with Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, and their design lead Sami Valtere, to create an AR infographic to accompany the exhibition - digging deeper into the current global refugee situation.

The piece resembled abstract art, with colourful shapes and lines. But when scanned with Arilyn, the shapes came to life and displayed a variety of statistics and facts relating to refugee displacement around the world. The infographic featured the narration of one young refugee telling his own story, giving the numbers a voice.

The art piece was also featured in a full page spread in Helsingin Sanomat.

All-in-all, an ideal example of AR put to use in reaching both client and consumer.  It managed to convey messages from within the art and furthermore, beyond the frame and the exhibition itself.