360° experience of an iconic Finnish painting featuring positional audio


BRAND: Finnish National Gallery Ateneum & Helsingin Sanomat

PRODUCTION: Helsingin Sanomat & Arilyn

One of the most iconic Finnish paintings, "Lemminkäinen’s Mother" (Lemminkäisen äiti) 1897, by Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela is brought to life at the Finnish National Gallery Ateneum. Scanning the artwork with the Arilyn App opens a 360° view of the painting and what lies beyond its frame.  The atmosphere of the AR experience differs greatly from the traditional viewing of the painting - with the positional audio and panorama allowing for a more colourful and involved experience.  Looking at different parts of the panorama exposes a variety of soundscapes designed particularly to enhance the painting and offers a new perspective on an old classic.

This 360° experience was completed in partnership with Ateneum and Helsingin Sanomat.