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We couldn’t be more honoured to host some of the most interesting and innovative cases in AR storytelling - all in collaboration with our partners and clients.



An adventure in interactive storytelling inside the Stockmann department store in Helsinki. A journey filled with hidden stories and clues, culminating in a meeting with Santa and 3D colouring.  Santa's elves came to life wearing clothing of your own design. 



A narrative AR campaign done for Nordic dairy giant, Arla. An example of brand storytelling taken to the next level. With the AR experience beginning from milk cartons, users could interact with a 3D cat that learned new tricks and activities over time.



We helped to expose the world beyond the frame of one of Finland's most famous paintings "Lemminkäinen's Mother" by Akseli Gallen-Kallela. When scanned with Arilyn, the painting appeared around the user in a 360 degree panorama, enhanced with positional audio, aiding the exploration of a classic piece of art.



An Arilyn-enhanced "Who is Huawei" event was held in Helsinki showcasing the company's history for an audience of 80 international journalists. AR was integrated into all parts of the event, starting with the invitations.  We even supplied an "AR photo wall" featuring a fully-3D reindeer that visitors could take their photo with and supplied a take-home version of the reindeer, too.